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Fairchild XUC-86A

Aircraft & Rides
This aircraft is in the process of being restored by our staff and volunteers. Click here to follow our progress. The vintage photograph below is an example of what it will look like after restoration.
Built By:
Fairchild Corporation as Company Model 24R-9
First Flight:
1939 (this model); the first of the Model 24 family originally flew in 1932
Number Built:
1 (this model), but a total of 2,232 Model 24s of different variants were produced
Ranger L-440 Six Cylinder Inline
Displacement--441 cu. in.
Max RPM--2,450
WWII Cost--$2,600.00
36 feet, 4 inches
23 feet, 10 inches
7 feet, 8 inches
2,882 pounds Loaded
One, room for three passengers
Max Speed:
124 MPH
Cruise Speed:
115 MPH
465 Miles
12,700 feet
WWII Cost:
Our Aircraft's History:
Manufacturer's S/N R9-422
Air Corp. S/N 42-68852

Originally built with a 175 hp engine, this airframe was given an L-440 C-5 engine of 200 hp and redesignated XUC-86A. It was stationed at Drew Field in Tampa, FL (now Tampa International Airport). It is assumed that performance was not enhanced to the desired extent and further development was not pursued.  While the change to a more powerful engine might seem insignifigant in the great scheme of the war, it shows the williness of the US Army Air Corps to find simple solutions to problems both big and small. That makes this example a one of a kind piece of history.
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