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Fairchild PT-19

Aircraft & Rides
Fairchild Corporation as Company Model M-62A-3
Built By:
1939 (Prototype Model)
First Flight:
Number Built:
Ranger L-440 Six Cylinder Inline
Displacement--441 cu. in.
Max RPM--2,450
WWII Cost--$2,600.00
35 feet, 11 3/16 inches
27 feet, 8 3/8 inches
7 feet, 9 inches
2,450 pounds Loaded
Two (Student & Instructor)
124 MPH
Max Speed:
106 MPH
Cruise Speed:
480 Miles
16,000 feet
WWII Cost:
Our Aircraft's History:
Manufacturer's S/N T43-5048
Air Corp. S/N 42-34382

Over 70 years ago, young men and women took their first steps into the world of flight in aircraft just like this one. Referred to as "THE CRADLE OF HEROES," the Fairchild PT-19 trained many of the famous WWII aces and bomber pilots of the 1940s. This airframe was completed on 3-13-1943 at the Fairchild Factory in Hagerstown, MD, and accepted by the Army as a PT-19A on 3-19-1943 at Parks Air College, East St. Louis, IL and was in service there training new pilots until June 1944.  In June 1944 it was sent to Perrin AAF, Texas. It was declared surplus and sent to storage at San Antonio Air Technical Service Center, Kelly AAF, TX on June 30, 1944. It was ferried to another field on Sept 12, 1944 and was sold off as surplus on June 14, 1945.

This PT-19A is often mistaken for a PT-26 due to the canopy. This example was manufactured with the optional canopy. This was due to it's assignment to Parks Air College, which has colder winters than the training fields in the southern United States. This aircraft was purchased by Butler County Warbirds, Inc. in May, 2000. In 2007, we restored the airplane to flyable condition in it's original PT-19 configuration, but we have retained the canopy and it is painted as it would have looked during it's service at Parks Air College. Rides in this aircraft are available.
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